Application and effect

Eye pillows are more than just a nice accessory to relax.
They have many uses and often achieve an amazingly fast and lasting effect.


It is classically used for falling asleep. Whether for children or adults, it supports fast and trouble-free falling asleep.
The eye pillow also helps to sleep better and deeper. And that even if sleeping difficulties have existed for a long time.

Especially during power napping it is a valuable help for a fast and deep sleep, to wake up refreshed afterwards. In addition, it provides complete darkness during the day without the need to close blinds.

Besides helping you fall asleep, it can do even more. For example, after a long day of work in front of a computer screen, a slightly warmed eye pillow helps provide welcome relaxation for the eyes. In reverse, a slightly cooled eye pillow provides good and quick relief for burning and aching eyes.


The wide spectrum and good results of eye pillows have a physiological background. Simply put, it means that your body reacts to a stimulus with a change.

    In the case of the eye pillow there are six stimuli:
  • Weigt
  • Darkening
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Rock Crystal
  • Lavender


The weight is a decisive factor to which the eye pillow owes its effects.

Through the gentle pressure that the eye pillow exerts on the eyeballs, it acts on the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible, among other things, for the basic control in the body between action (sympathetic control) and relaxation (parasympathetic control).

The stimulus that comes from the gentle pressure of the weight is conducted from the eyes to the heart via the vagus nerve (parasympathetic system) and thus unfolds its calming effect. You thus come to rest faster and more sustainably.

This balancing effect also extends to our emotions and feelings. Security, safety and trust are promoted and thus especially favor the phase of falling asleep. Especially for children who have problems falling asleep or don't want to go to bed at all, it can be a great help.


An important point to be able to relax and regenerate is darkness. Even a few light stimuli are enough for the pineal gland to release less or delayed melatonin. Only when light has completely disappeared is a sufficient amount of the sleep hormone released. The level of melatonin in the blood reaches its maximum values between 2 and 4 a.m.

Melatonin is also a key hormone that influences other hormones. It plays an important role in the immune system, in high doses it is said to have good antioxidant effects and it is assumed that melatonin receptors in peripheral tissues exert an influence on circulation and body temperature. Due to its high regenerative power, melatonin is also considered an excellent natural fountain of youth.

Your optimal sleeping place should therefore be completely dark. Even small light stimuli from standby lighting or an alarm clock can disturb falling asleep, sleep and regeneration. This also applies to night lights in children's rooms, which are often a hindrance to undisturbed sleep.

If it is not possible to turn off all light sources, the eye pillow is a useful and good alternative. Especially falling asleep is greatly supported by it.

Warming and cooling

A slightly cooled eye pillow can work wonders for burning and reddened eyes. On the other hand, a slightly warmed eye pillow can help you relax, for example, if you have been sitting at a computer screen for too long and your eyes are strained as a result.

You should do both appropriately, because the eyes are very sensitive organs. An eye pillow that is too cold or too warm feels uncomfortable and will not have a positive, regenerating effect.


To warm the eye pillow, you can put it on the heater or on a hot water bottle. In summer, you can also simply place it in the sun. Alternatively, you can warm it with a cup of tea or coffee or another warm object.

Again, it should feel comfortable in your hand. Under no circumstances should it be too warm.
Caution: Never put your eye pillow in the oven or microwave. There is a risk that the temperature will quickly rise too high. This can damage the ingredients and cause them to lose their effect. This will unnecessarily reduce the life of your inlay.


To cool the eye pillow, place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. It should then feel only slightly cool in your hand.

Caution: Never put your eye pillow in the freezer or icebox. The temperature is much more difficult to regulate and the ingredients can be damaged and lose their effect.