Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is pure, clear crystal quartz. For the Greeks, rock crystal was frozen ice (Greek "krystallos" "krystallos").

Effects: In many cultures, rock crystal was considered a healing stone that was supposed to banish illnesses and was used as a source of strength and energy. Hildegard von Bingen used it, among other things, for eye complaints: "If the eyes become weak, warm a crystal in the sun and then place it on the eyes. This draws the bad juices out of the eyes and the person gets his sight back." Even today it is used to strengthen the eyesight and is seen as a vitalising energiser. It harmonises the hemispheres of the brain and strengthens the nerves. It is also said to promote perception, self-knowledge and reason.

Occurrence: Rock crystal is found almost all over the world. The largest mining worldwide takes place in Brazil, where there are the most extensive deposits. Other notable deposits are found in Switzerland and China, Austria and India, Mexico, Russia, the USA and Madagascar.

Mineralogy: Rock crystal is clear, pure crystal quartz. It belongs to the mineral class of oxides (SiO2 silicon dioxide).

Why rock crystal in eye pillows: As an energiser, it supports regeneration during night sleep as well as during a short power nap. Its cooling and decongestant effect works wonders for burning, tired and strained eyes. In addition, rock crystal helps with nightmares and has a brightening effect on the mind.